The Cat's Whiskers

Silk-Screened Laser-cut Plywood Quartz Clock

There once was a cat who just couldn't control his chops. People used to laugh at the cat's crazy whiskers, turning steadily clockwise, until someone noticed his furry facial features all pointing skyward at noon, when the sun was highest, or low to the ground come evening time.

Of course!

Nobody trusted the precision of this natural phenomenon at first, but these days everyone sets their clocks in accordance with the cat's clockwork whiskers. Now they're never late, passers-by always find the time for a stroke, snuggles, or as many treats as any pet could wish for.

Truth be told we've had the design for this clock around six months, just hadn't had time to print any! Today's time change from GMT to BST was the impetus needed to make a batch in blue... next up, red or green.


Topical Tale

Vintage Children's Book, Paul Galdone
Vintage Children's Book, Paul Galdone
Vintage Children's Book, Paul Galdone 
Egbert the Easter Egg, Richard Armour & Paul Galdone, 1965


Like Nun Other

 Vintage Children's Book, Jonathan Routh

What with this week's papal proceedings, I thought I'd post pics of this bonkers children's book from 1971. The author/illustrator, a minor TV celebrity in the 1960s and 70s, went on to write the odd book... increasingly odd; these covered guides to London caf├ęs or the public restrooms of Paris and New York to compendiums of hangovers and disasters. Due to Routh's self-confessed inability to paint faces and fingers, each of his five books for children focus on nuns or Queen Victoria. You might say he made a habit of it.

Vintage Children's Book, Jonathan Routh
• Jonathan Routh, The Nuns go to Penguin Island, 1971, Methuen


Easter Yummy

Melt Chocolate, Easter Egg in Bunny Box
Whatever it was we did to get on the good side of Melt founder, Louise Nason, I'm sooo pleased we did it. I reckon this might be our fifth collaboration with London's most modern chocolatiers and, as the other vices of youth fall away, I cling ever more keenly to chocolate. Maybe that's why I'm unsure which aspect of receiving a Melt parcel I anticipate more excitedly, eyeing the beautiful packaging or devouring the contents!

Nestled in our Rita Rabbit box, Easter goodies are now available via their flagship store on Notting Hill's Ledbury Road; their concession in Selfridges or online.


Seeing as we're sandwiched between International Women's Day (yesterday) and Mother's Day (tomorrow)...

above familial studies from Nicholas Nixon, 1985 // below pages from Mary Kelly's Postpartum Document, 1975


Pond Life

Handmade Silk-Screened Greeting, Ducks illustration
I know, I know, this puddle's just too convincing. Took me an age to mop up after. It seemed like the best way to snap our prettiest new card which joins Jam Jar to form this year's offering for Mother's Day.

I'll be expecting my first Mother's Day card from the boy... in a wayward script suspiciously similar to his dad's.