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255 Today

I've got two prosaic names, with nothing in between. I'll never know if grandiose titles safeguard against underachievement. But, then, how could Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart, with a whole sentence of his own, be anything less than prolific?



We cat-sat for some friends a while back, now an 'unforeseen series of events' means we may have her indefinitely... whoops!


Malicious Damage

Charged with 'malicious damage', Orton & Halliwell were famously sentenced to six months for borrowing, bastardising and bringing-back a selection of library books. Once evidence but now artefact, these pieces are purile; hilarious and disturbing by turns. Mixing surrealist collage with a healthy literary irreverence, they also seem to pre-empt a subversive humour that later pervades the decade.

I planned to include a selection in a group exhibition at Islington Museum in 2005. It turned out not to be such a huge cultural coup, Peter Blake had long since trumped us with About Collage at the Tate Liverpool in 2000. While, more devastatingly, low-level insurance/security saw that we eventually hung only high-res scans.

Luckily there's a far better opportunity to view these minor treasures along side the sculptural responses of artist, Adam Gillam, at east London's Ancient & Modern, 13 Jan - 26 Feb 2011.

Ancient & Modern, 201 Whitecross Street, London EC1Y 8QP
Wed-Sat, 12pm-6pm • +44 (0)20 7253 4550


Milly Freeman

Silkscreened postcard of colourful concertina character by illustrator, Milly Freeman
Still in the mood for celebration? I thought not. Exuberantly poised somewhere between Niki de Saint Phalle and H. N. Werkman, it's still well-worth checking-out the work of young illustrator (and assistant extraordinaire), Milly Freeman.