The night after casually dropping 100 or so of this year's Top Drawer Autumn invites into the post box was spent restlessly imagining them wrinkling and ruined in the torrential rain that followed. No complaints to date though!


Super Stockists

It's windy on that scaffolding

We stock a host of interesting outlets (I should probably spotlight one a week) but it's still nice to be included in Jaeger's current pop-up shop. The space, dedicated to their youthful Boutique by Jaeger collection, can be found on London's Fouberts Place for the next 6 months.



I'm not sure if we're going to run to the umpteenth reprint of the recycled range so it's great that a couple of the designs work so well as cushions. I'm putting feelers out for some quotes, but something tells me we'll be printing them in-house like this, the first sample of Olaf.


New Directions

Google Maps, schmaps. From now on I'm following all the excellent arrows on my el cheapo dress.