Pick Me Up

One-colour screen-printed illustration of cat on patterened kilim rug

One-colour screen-printed illustration of dog on patterened kilim rug

London's graphic arts festival, Pick Me Up, previewed Weds and opened proper Thurs. Unlimited asked if we'd like to contribute, so we thought we'd take opportunity to show off four new screen prints.

If we like animals and textiles, what could make more sense than a suite of creatures on carpets. Here's Couscous, Beigel, Paprika & Nutmeg.

The level of detail took Edward a little bit longer than usual to draw… he even demanded a new rOtring art pen! Go join a union.

Two-colour screen-printed illustration of cat on patterened kilim rug

Four-colour screen-printed illustration of dog on patterened kilim rug


Happy Easter

Claes Oldenburg, Fried Egg, canvas, dyed cotton and expanded polystyrene, 1966-71
Thought Claes Oldenburg's Fried Egg (1966-71) would make a suitable Easter post, but I hope your super-sized egg is made from something tastier than canvas, dyed cotton and expanded polystyrene this Sunday!

Image found here


We spent the best part of last week eating our way around the London streets like Pacman. Moments before I booked an hotel, a friend offered us her garden studio flat. In the light of these beautiful spring mornings, it felt more like a summer house.

Yellow painted beam

I'd intended to visit more galleries but so many were between shows. I did check out the Serpentine's additional new Sackler Space though. Martino Gamper: Design is a State of Mind is well-paired to the concurrent Haim Steinbach show, Once Again the World is Flat; both explore notions of display and place the shelf centre stage. The show flows seamlessly into a shop that's curated by Momosan.

Library Sheves

The boy stayed with his grandparents and had an exhibition of his own... in crayon on their wallpaper! We all came back a little bit fatter.


Two wavy meters of this appeared from the stuff-nobody-wants box in a fabric sale recently. Nobody except me, that is! Better make it into something quick before I change my mind.