lovebirds silk-screen print

This is Lovebirds our new limited-edition print, cunningly timed for Valentine's. At 30 x 40 cm, it's on an altogether prettier scale.



house screen-print in blue
When I began making cards I loved almost every crazy colour combination (tasteful or otherwise), more recently I'm resisting the urge to turn everything grey. It's no reflection on my sombre outlook, it just seems somehow less shouty.

Two Up, Two Down was intended to be a full-tilt colour extravaganza, but luckily (bewitched by Delft pottery and swarthy sea tattoos) I limited the palette to blues. If I get the chance I'll try a black and white one too... I may as well work this thing through.

screen print ink pot


Cloud Formation

hand printed cloud business cards
This time around it seemed prudent to print our own business cards; irrespective of economy, equipment should be put to task. Not used to printing on such a diminutive scale, the high reproduction rate was a surprise... especially in view of how few we use!



The festive season here in London feels long since passed, though the cold snap continues unabated. The slipshod snowmen appearing (then disappearing into the slush) on our street, put me in mind of Sweaterweather.

A friend introduced me to the work of Sara Varon, imagining one of our characters somehow similar... I should be so lucky! You probably can't tell from my pic but the snowflakes are gloss-coated when the cover itself is matte. It's just this kind of beautiful detail that prevails throughout.

With stamps, cute cut-out figures (with x-rayed stomach/pocket contents), and a synopsis on the life of bees, these comic-panel parables are undoubtedly suited to children while simultaneously shot-through with laconic wit.

Sara Varon, Sweaterweather, Alternative Comics, 2003


String Song

arthur wood string dispenser ceramic bird

Believe me, the purpose of this this Arthur Wood bird was perplexing until I saw a similar one on Etsy. I even asked the stall holder at the boot sale, who, staggered by the impertinence, launched into a bunch of elaborate fibs rather than admit she didn't know either. Anyhow, aside form all the usual self-improvement stuff, my New Year's resolution will be to use miles more string... biodegradable, of course!