Late, Great

Some 1st birthday cards are worth waiting for… even nearly a month! And here's the proof. You can see more beautiful work from Kate Queen-of-Colour Gibb right here. It ain't all done with computers, you know.

No, kid, please don't put that in your big wet mouth. Oh, you insist? Okay. Er, oh…




Though I arrive wary of the acclaim and glib title de jour ascribed to Outsider Art in general, I'm only two or three exhibits into The Welcome Collection's most recent show, Souzou, before being utterly won over by the curatorial remit.


Souzou, Outsider Art from Japan, will soon be moving into its final week and, if time ticking-by wasn't impetus enough, The Welcome Collection also offers fortification in the form of coffee and cakes from Peyton & Byrne!




Mantle piece and wood burner

I know it's super British to have one eye on the barometer, but we're not entirely alone. Even the French writer/director Marguerite Duras synched the climate directly to the psyche.

Luckily, a fortnight back, the weather was glorious for a small garden party in celebration of the boy's first birthday.

Someday I'll post pics of Duras' beautiful ch√Ęteau in Neauphle, here's a corner of our cluttered home instead. Now the boy's mobile, this place will need one radical rethink.

Municipal Trolly of Cermaics with Tressel Table of Reclaimed Oak



Generic Patterned Paper Bag
Launching today 10am-6pm, Poundshop 7 will run Tues-Sat, 10am-5pm, until June 22nd! You can find them showcasing their fine roster of established and upcoming designers (including us) at Manchester's Chinese Arts Centre. The bespoke interior is created by agency, Music, but not to fret if you can't make it, they're online too.

Poundshop's promo patterns are usually taken from generic paper bags, this one's my fave to date.


Colour Plan for Cedar Clad Conversion
This week's downers include a couple of council reps putting the kibosh on our plans for home improvement... on the plus side, we've been wearing sandals! (Is it wrong to want the black pair too?)