3 Cheers

London's N16 rang with the raising of glasses this week, toasting many happy anniversaries for Malissa Jones and (the other) James Brown.

• The kitsch old card is by Hallmark but special credits should also go to Ben, Irene, Zack & Coco for making space for us in the family home!


Crazy Legs

juggling octopus illustration
Better than finding folding cash in an old coat pocket, searching for something unrelated this week I turned up a discarded illustration. Clearly dissatisfied with this fella when I filed him away, I'm quite keen now... mix some inks and tweak some colours and I may even have a new card design!


Clean Sweep

Seeing press shots of the post-riot clean-up campaign in London this week, it was great to see the broom brandished by crowds as symbol of repair and weapon of resistance against further social decay. I'm put in mind of the arch social sculptor himself, Joseph Beuys.

• Joseph Beuys, Silberbesen und Besen ohne Haare (Silver Broom and Brush with no Hair), 1972 • Joseph Beuys, Ausfegen (Sweeping Up), 1972