Hanging Out

So pleased to receive a big box of risographs from the printers a couple of weeks back (that's how long it's taken to frame them up and take some pics). By popular demand, Crocodile and Lion are joined by these four guys.

The stock colours for riso machines are pretty limited but it beats thumbing through Pantone swatches 'til you can't tell red from blue anymore. Tones are easily achieved too, the percentile black of the elephant's grey has a cool granite fleck like an old Tissot Rock Watch!


colourful hand-decorated Sicilian ceramics
I wanted to post something joyful to match this glorious weather we've been having, so here's a Sicilian DeSimone plate (1964) I picked up recently.

Originally I mistook the abstracted motif for flowers but, what with all the fish those Christians will get through during Lent, it's still loosely topical, no?



Alongside a few of our creatures, I managed to get my goofy face on a tiny corner of April's Elle Decoration (p78). I bought a copy for posterity and instantly remembered why I avoid these magazines… unadulterated lifestyle envy! Already, like a vaporising laser-beam, this freshly critical eye has reduced my home to a dusty, dowdy hotchpotch of junk.


Alain Resnais (1922—2014), Hiroshima mon amour, 1959 [Photo: here]