Chewed Toggles

This week Edward suffered a, shall we say, milestone birthday. What with the brown 1970s anorak, you needn't be a time detective to work out which one. This look of abject terror on his face always makes me smile, though I'm glad there's no lingering phobia... he draws all the animals!

Age anxiety aside, we had a good night's eating, killing brain-cells and dancing. Thanks to Hannah, the hard-disc jockey; so many good tracks, shame I can only remember the first and last.


Bunte Eier

• Spine-breaking scans from Bunte Eier aus aller Welt [Colourful Eggs from around the World], Eduard Polak, Harenberg, 1980
N.B. Other religious festivals are available



I've not been to an opening for a while and when everyone piled into a darkened space for the screening/performance at Saturday's The Great White Way Goes Black, I realised not only how unaccustomed to crowds I've become but how uncommitted to art. Luckily, the 2/3-dimensional pieces from Vilma Gold's all-female hang were easy to view, and included our friend, Hannah Sawtell, Czech-born German artist, Katharina Sieverding (whose four-part photo supplied the show's title) and the criminally underrepresented work of Julia Wachtel.

17 Apr - 29 May
Vilma Gold
6 Minerva Street
London E2 9EH

• Julia Wachtel, Stripes, 2002 (not actually in the show, I just like it).


Enormous Room

Inoculated, collared and neutered, the cat's finally got to venture outside this week. So far it's like she's on a sponsored sniff of one especially enormous room.
• Illustrations: Bartram for S. Carmiggelt's Poespas, 1953


1961... and all that

I've been reading (in the latest edition of Frieze) about the creative explosion in Milanese design and the birth of Domus and Abitare in 1961. Also celebrating its 50th year is the Salone del Mobile where Daniel Rybakken will present an installation of his understated ideas. Pictured is Counterbalance, a responsive, repositionable lamp where cogwheels allow the head and counterweight to occupy the same space.

Spazio Rossana Orlandi
at the 50th
Salone de Mobile, Milan
12-17th April 2011


Daniel Buren London Routemaster bus souvenier

At some stage during the 1980s my mum's boyfriend switched careers from driving instructor to bus driver. One day I found him re-viewing the same videoed scene from some Ealing comedy, transfixed by the black and white trickle of traffic through London's old West End.

• Daniel Buren, Photo/Souvenier, London, 1972