Tea Towels

kitchen still life with fairtrade owl tea towel
I swear we need some worker elves; it seems like months since we decided to adapt two print designs for fairtrade organic tea towels. Of course it was a breeze out-sourcing the printing, but just as we’re through with quality control, packaging and branding, everyone’s off on their summer hols!

fairtrade packaged tea towel



new piccadilly cafe card
new piccadilly cafe card

I’m not sure why ‘ephemera’ (the grouping for flies that hatch and die within a day) has come to describe so well those unclassified scraps of paper that narrowly avoid the bin. Cycling by London’s old New Piccadilly Cafe, clad now in diagonal batons of fly-poster proofing, I’m pleased I kept their card.


New Space

Finally finished the month-long move into a studio on the other side of town. The new space comes with no fewer than ten keys… directly symbolic of the minutes it now takes to unlock each door.

My trusty old print bench proved just too big to budge, but now the new one’s up and in I think it maybe growing on me a little; clunky as a piece of De Stijl design and red as the Ettore Sottsass Valentine typewriter.