The Cat's Whiskers

Silk-Screened Laser-cut Plywood Quartz Clock

There once was a cat who just couldn't control his chops. People used to laugh at the cat's crazy whiskers, turning steadily clockwise, until someone noticed his furry facial features all pointing skyward at noon, when the sun was highest, or low to the ground come evening time.

Of course!

Nobody trusted the precision of this natural phenomenon at first, but these days everyone sets their clocks in accordance with the cat's clockwork whiskers. Now they're never late, passers-by always find the time for a stroke, snuggles, or as many treats as any pet could wish for.

Truth be told we've had the design for this clock around six months, just hadn't had time to print any! Today's time change from GMT to BST was the impetus needed to make a batch in blue... next up, red or green.

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hipslikeboys said...

it's nice to see the final incarnation of the cat clock. Brilliant.