Open Studio

Though next weekend sees another Open Studio event at GWS, it’ll be the last at the present site. The Lost Goods Building will soon be making way for London’s utterly superfluous Crossrail project. Many of the artists, designers and makers will be relocating just a few meters up the road, but I still reckon they’ll be hell-bent on selling everything super-cheap.

I’ll be doing my usual frantic bazaar of discontinued styles and slight seconds at 50p, maybe some drawings and tentatively testing out a couple of ceramic bits too. It’s taken a while for me to work out a molding method that gives me acceptably consistent but unique results.

Open Studios
June 6th & 7th 12-6pm
Great Western Studios
The Lost Goods Building
Great Western Road
London W9 3NY


Shutting Shops

I’ve been away for a while and trying to avoid crashing back to everyday life with a bump, I took a more meandering route to the studio only to see one of my favourite junk shops gutted with the shutters down. Run by a couple of slightly camp geezer-types with bifocals on elegant chains and pyramids of dog-ends in the ashtray, they had a tattered but extensive dictionary of artists and if someone’s name was in it, prices would soar.moya cozens framed bird printMostly I treated it as a mini-museum, I’d had a handful of interesting things over the years (like this gloomy Moya Cozens print) but to think of the curios I’d earmarked selling at everything-must-go prices in my absence just makes me shudder. Still, as one-door closes another opens, quite literally; there’s a lovely new bike shop a few doors down.