Extra pleased that these arrived from Melt Chocolates in good time for Christmas. The reindeer box is the latest in a string of fuss-free collaborations. A pity it got a teensy bit damaged in the mail, but it's nothing compared to the carnage we'll make of the contents tomorrow.

Season's greetings y'all!


Ply Guy

Laser cut ply and Earthborn water-based dye

One "great" thing about having your house turned into a building site is that you can go in at the weekend, make a right old mess and not even bother to clear up! What used to be our living space made and excellent place to drip-dry 100 dip-dyed robin's breasts. Laser cut from 3mm ply, they're this year's Christmas send out.

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, side

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, 3/4 rear

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, package


I don't get to read as much as I'd like so sometimes a graphic novel can be pretty handy (let's face it, they're not as demanding as their wordy counterparts). I love Brecht Evens' sumptuous and inky gorgeousness, but lately I've had a craving for content that only women's work will satisfy!

Roz Chast's "Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant?" and Vanessa Davis' "Make Me a Woman" both had their moments, but "Probably Nothing" by Matilda Tristram is simply wonderful throughout. Now I'm a full-on fan, I'd recommend it to anyone… loudly!