I know it's Halloween and all, but I was still ill-prepared for the horror of seeing our little roundhouse without a roof today. That's me standing frightened among the builders who assure us that, from now on in, they'll be more and not less to look at. Pity you can't see my shoes though; they're wildly inappropriate!


I stopped visiting Frieze Art Fair when my generation started doing dinner after an opening instead of going dancing. Still, there's always a glut of great shows in the capital. Kai Althoff at Michael Werner is simply something else; if you're near marble arch you could do worse than check it out.

Also made it to our old friend's show at Hanmi Gallery, Maple Street. There's something so romantic about Tom Gidley's palette right now, though I'm not sure he'd thank me for saying as much. Here's his recent painting of Edward (Mr Lisa Jones Studio). Behind the ceramics, it even looks a little like him... must be that dark-ringed eye area.


With so many new styles in the range last season I thought I could maybe cool off on the card designs for a while. Still, here's a redrawn version of our ancient Pet Box and a cute-as-a-button inky sunshine for new babies.