Built Black

Artist's Architechtural Impression
Tarred Black Wood
Charred Black Wood
Tarred Black Building
Black Ettore Sottsass House
This week, we paid a visit to the brand-spanking wing of Ditchling Museum; its black zinc bulk looked as impressive in the thin winter sun as it does in this austere artist's impression. I have a thing for black buildings right now; whether they're charred like the gorgeous Hunsett Mill in Norfolk or tarred-sticky like Norway's Knut Hamsun Centre and Shingle House (not too far from Derek Jarman's garden at Prospect Cottage). Oddly, my favourite (Sottsass Associates’ Bischofberger House, Zurich) doesn't really feature online anywhere… yet.



If we have anything like a patron, it'll be Melt Chocolates in west London. It's a pretty straight forward working relationship, with mutual satisfaction assured. Right now we're hatching plans for Easter, but here's a promo shot for their current kids' bars featuring our characters. I wish I looked this cute with chocolate on my face… smeared sleepily round my chin of an evening, with a few errant flakes on my chest.


• Anthony Caro (1924-2013), Month of May, 1963



Is it really 5 years since 'Press + Pull', the first show of power-pattern prints from Kate Gibb (work pictured) and James Brown? It seems like only yesterday. In another 5 years I guess 'Press + Pull II' will feel like only yesterday... but really it starts tomorrow.

Press + Pull II, The Stour Space, 7 Roach Rd, Tower Hamlets, E3 2PA


Here in the self-professed 'Bonfire capital of the world', shop-fronts are boarded-up and roads are closing down in preparation for traditional processions and the influx of visitors by the tens-of-thousands.

We're in for a rowdy ol' night.