Two sick days this week meant that production was down. Sad face. On the upside we were sedentary long enough to watch Claudia Weill’s 1978 debut, Girlfriends. Yay!


It was difficult to miss Elisabeth Frink's book of etchings (Tales from Chaucer, 1972, Waddingtons) in the window of my local high street bookseller this week, it's the size, shape and heft of a tombstone.

More familiar with her sculptures (fascistic figures in atomic shades), these overtly raunchy etchings made me curious enough to ask after the price. Four-Thousand-Five-Hundred-Pounds!

I come home and look at some more on the internet, it's almost free. Turns out she illustrated Rilke, Aesop, Homer and a great selection of ornithological studies too.


Well Prepared

I knew Busy Signal through listening to Major Lazer's LP last summer (Feel Free was on quite heavy rotation), but nothing could prepare us for hearing Green Gartside play this on the radio last night.

Sorry neighbours.


3 of 5

I thought of the Tom the cartoon cat, drinking coffee by the barrel and propping up sleep-heavy eyelids with buckling matchsticks, as I rushed to complete a short-notice commission this week.

Loosely billed as valentines from abandoned pets to prospective owners, I'm not really 100% sure who the final client is… but I'm hoping the US agency don't mind me reproducing these here (their copy, clearly).

Hope everyone gets good lovin' today. And if you're single... cherish it.



Cat phoographed as though reading magazine
Yay, we got some press! Pocket, the press officer, keeps taking a pause from work to paw over page 137 of this month's Living Etc.