Twee Tradition

Not long finished a trade fair which went pretty well, all told. It's great finding new stockists, catching up with old ones and realising the competition are real humans and not evil super-villains. Thought we'd get out of town for the shortest time before tackling all those orders, taking in Fanny's Farm Shop on route. Our post-fair tradition may be a teeny bit twee but, boy, it beats Hackney hands-down.


Cake Lady

Not sure how long it'll be before there's any more picture-posts here, my camera bust over the weekend. One way or another I was feeling pretty glum when, somewhere near the centre of the Central Line, a commuter noticed me eyeing her crammed Ottolenghi bags. Turns out she was distributing surplus cake to the homeless on her own way home. As if that wasn't cool enough, she gave us two boxed-up passion fruit tarts for a treat in front of Wallander repeats. A pair of German tourists, with eager eyes like saucers, had blueberry cupcakes too. Danke schön, cake lady!


London Design Festival has never seemed so frugal as The Poundshop apply their 'Everything for a Quid' ethos to another project. With goodies from (deep breath)...

100s and 1000s, Alexandra Tinning, Alice Tait, Amy Borrell, Anna Lincoln, Annabel Innes, APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life), BabaAkcja, Cat Davison Jewellery, Charlie Ranscombe, Charlotte Crumbleholme, Claire McManus, Clinuc, Disa Braunerhielm, Emily Chicken, FORAGER, Gosh Darnit, Hannah Waldron, Hannah Whitfield, Happily Ever After, HOTCAKES, Household, Howe Ikonen Seki, Iain Hector, Isabel Greenberg, Jade Folawiyo, Jamie Winder, Jasmine Raznahan, Kaye Blegvad, Kristian Andrews, Linus Kraemer, Lisa Jones Studio, Lottie Crumbleholme, Marc Cowan, Maria Joudina, Marmaduke Marmalade, Meng-chia Lai, Miguel Melgarejo, Molly Khyl, Nadia taylor, Peter Nencini, Philip Dennis, Priscilla Vanilla, Puffin and Pies, Rahel Zoller, Sandra Barth, Sara Ferrari Design, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Sara Melin, Susan Golton, Teresa Mum, Use Development Organisation, We Draw Lines, and William Smith.

Join them 3-9pm this Saturday for live acts (and sponsored drinks) in the Asif Khan designed interior of...

49 Roman Road
Bethnal Green
London E2 0HU

For more info on regular hours, late nights, participants and events, visit Household.


V&A Print

No hesitation here when the V&A asked us to join their Cherry on the Cake III project. Not only do they provide ceaseless inspiration to great swathes of the world's population through a programme of events, exhibitions and a peerless permanent collection, but the gift shop's pretty good too.

This year Paper forms the broad thematic backdrop on which 12 artists further pursue some museological object or aspect of interest. Our contribution focuses—perhaps predictably—on the newly housed and utterly exhaustive array of Ceramics.

As subtly overlaid halftones can't really be achieved with our current silkscreen set-up, printing was outsourced to Manymono, where Hugh remains confident of the Risograph's creative potential.

Pompom, the Potter's Pet is available in a Risographic edition of 200 via the V&A and can be viewed alongside works from Aardvark, James Brown, Fred Butler, Nina Chakrabarti, D-BROS, Ed Kluz, Angie Lewin, Charlotte Mann, Tom Martin, Rob Ryan and Chisato Tamabayashi at the V&A Shop or, better still, visit the museum!


More... and then some

Been trying the hatchling in a handful of glazes (Salamander, LR White and another I can't remember). Some are supposedly brush-on, but come out nicely when dipped. Meanwhile my studio's sill looks ever more like Gormley's Field for the British Isles.