Gena's Genius

I  know it's pretty schmaltzy, but who wouldn't enjoy a night weeping in front of Nick Cassavetes’ The Notebook, like I did when it aired on BBC2 this week. At 74, Nick's mother turns in another exceptional performance.
My interest in Gena Rowlands began after seeing Gloria, where she’s all heels, hair and sassy comic timing. By turns challenging and rewarding, I dedicated nights to watching A Woman Under the Influence, the madness of Minnie & Moskowitz, Love Streams and the gut-wrenching Opening Night… even the DVD interview extras had me bawling.
John Cassavetes & Mia Farrow at the Dakotoa
Of course, hubby John Cassavetes was no slouch either. If you don't know his own films, you'll recognise him as the colluding spouse from Rosemary's Baby. In fact, here's a shot of him with Mia at the Dakota Building. Too stylish. Speaking of Mia, I might try Woody Allen's Another Women or Alice sometime this week.