Here's the dude that's burning black the last of our home's larch cladding. The final few bits are going up today (before 4pm when they all speed off to drink barrel loads of beer)... yay!


Here's to a little extra romance this weekend...

Ink wash illustration of two white rabbits in a hutch. Edward Underwood for Lisa Jones Studio


Edward Underwood's Illustration of exuberant bird splashing in bird bath for Lisa Jones Studio 

Being surrounded by kiddie-mess isn't always a drawback, the boy's Ikea felt-tips made perfect droplet shapes on this Bird Bath illustration last week!


Handmade drum lampshade illustrated with duck and chicks swimming in the rain

Handmade drum lampshade illustrated with fox and cub 
Sometimes I get so busy trying to flog things that I actually forget to blog things! Here are some of the new styles of drum shades we've been making recently. Huge gratitude to Jane Warren who invented the humble lampshade… okay, maybe that's a slight overstatement, but she certainly gave us the idea after crafting a super-cute shade from our Forest gift wrap.

Handmade drum lampshade illustrated with monkey in the jungle

Handmade drum lampshade illustrated with lion in the jungle


Half-built roof on postmill conversion, Malling Mill, Sussex Downs, 2015
As the roof rises on our home, so does the budget. Gulp!


Jump for Joy!

Old friend Matthew Bickley made the resurgence of our clubbing days even less likely with the birth of his gorgeous son, Cassius. Even when sending congratulations I kept one eye on business, making sure I took snaps of their card. Who knows, this kangaroo may just jump its way right into our range!


Spent the new year visiting much missed friends in the nation's capital and took in the Sigmar Polke retrospective at Tate Modern on a particularly quiet Sunday. It was every bit as good as I hoped. Odd to see the originals of works you've known so well in reproduction.


Extra pleased that these arrived from Melt Chocolates in good time for Christmas. The reindeer box is the latest in a string of fuss-free collaborations. A pity it got a teensy bit damaged in the mail, but it's nothing compared to the carnage we'll make of the contents tomorrow.

Season's greetings y'all!


Ply Guy

Laser cut ply and Earthborn water-based dye

One "great" thing about having your house turned into a building site is that you can go in at the weekend, make a right old mess and not even bother to clear up! What used to be our living space made and excellent place to drip-dry 100 dip-dyed robin's breasts. Laser cut from 3mm ply, they're this year's Christmas send out.

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, side

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, 3/4 rear

Plywood Christmas robin maquette 2014, package