The PoundShop

I've been fully cranky this week and, by way of an excuse, I suppose I expended energies on a handful of projects that, for one reason or another, haven't quite made it off the ground. Fresh out of ideas for something cheap and/or innovative, I'm pleased that PoundShop, the four-day event come concept-store, agreed to stock some of our quality seconds.

Brainchild of both Household and Sara Melin, PoundShop will be at 253 Hoxton Street, London N1 5LG. Opening 12-6pm from the 2nd until the 5th April 2010, if you find your pockets'n'purses packed with pounds, you could do worse than pop in!


To Dry For

lisa jones, edward underwood, tiles
Making the humble tea towel seem a dynamic vehicle for illustration is no mean feat, but that's exactly what Sally and David have done in collating the most desirable designs around for their online enterprise, To Dry For.
Focussed rather than fetishistic, their interest in towels does occasionally digress. You can even read and interview with us (pictured) on their blog.



owl, animation
In a fine example of inter-continental back-scratching, we have a little ad on LMNOP this month. Always nice to have the chance to animate a character, even if it is only three frames long.

Hairy artist and owl enthusiast, David Noonan, once told me that each continent has its owls, in Australia they nest on the ground. Hope the branch doesn't confuse kids down-under.


marcus walters,march, daffodils

I already felt we'd done pretty well last year by swapping prints with Marcus Walters and then, come Christmas, he sent us a lovely calendar too. All 12 images are great, but there'll always be favourites; I've been looking forward to March's page, but April/December are vying for second place. Even if it's too late for calendars, you can find more of his stuff here.


Good Intentions Paving Co. from Joanna Newsom's squeaky new album has properly got its hooks into me. Maybe it'll get as much rotation as Dirty Projector's Bitte Orca did last year (though, admittedly, I skipped a few tracks).

Difficult to know where to hear anything new once 6 Music gets the chop. Maybe, if opposition is unsuccessful, they could just begin at 7pm like the extra TV channels. After all, it's Marc Riley
I'll miss most.



Most of Eva Hesse's objects concern materials and memory. I'm sure it's her tactile take on minimalism that makes her so popular with the ladies; The Camden Arts Centre was chock-a-block with chicks. Cynically I imagined her great aesthetic influence would have waned of recent years, but was surprised to see a few delicate additions to oeuvre.

Eva Hesse, Studio Work

One vitrine houses two minute and uncharacteristically colourful little boxes alongside useless mugs of coiled blue rope, while a table-top plinth offers a group of paper objects folded and deflated or almost-sculptures, barely suggesting plates, platters and bowls.

Eva Hesse, Studio Work

The plates and bowls in the downstairs café are all real. I have a pastry with a hot chocolate. I figure a few more bright days like this and the hot chocolate's days are done... until autumn that is.
Eva Hesse: Studioworks
11 Dec 09 - 07 Mar 10
Camden Arts Centre
Arkwright Road
London NW3 6DG