After a marathon wrapping session last night, I let myself imagine all the other gifts wrapped in our paper this season (the people opening our cards, or even receiving some of our goods) and felt strangely warmer. Whatever this feeling is, I'm sure it'll pass. Until then… Merry Christmas!

N.B. I know this hand-coloured glass slide of the Holy Lands makes a very tenuous Christmas decoration, but it looks so pretty here every year, back lit by fairy lights.



A0 plan print of Christmas mountainside with woodshack and reindeer

Phew! We managed to mail all our A0 Xmas posters out to friends and associates in plenty time for last post, but, wait, what's this? A seriously beautiful poster from the kindly folk at Ryantown... now I have seasonal illustration anxiety! Still, it does look real pretty (even on the difficult walls of the roundhouse). Thanks guys.


Star Shape

Marina Abramović home in winter
Just how Christmassy does Marina Abramović's star-shaped house look with a light sprinkling of snow? I'm surprised it hasn't all melted with her super intense art energy.


Some Stripes

Stripy Socks
Stripy Pen
Hexagonal Stripy Wooden Brooch
So far, my Christmas list seems to be shaping-up pretty stripy. I think I'll mismatch the boy's socks like those in the picture, it's not like you don't still get two pairs. Then there's a lovely pen for his papa and a big ol' brooch for me.

• Images: COS / A Platform / Darkroom