Don't Book Now

There are certain forums where joining the throng is a positive exhilaration and, though experiencing art doesn't number among them, I'll occasionally be tempted by a blockbuster exhibition (Hockney at the RA, say, or Freud's portraits at The National). Ultimately the 'Book now' tag on the poster sounds the final death knell and I'll see a handful of smaller shows instead. A pity then that a recent trip into town didn't quite allow for a quick flit east to take in Renee So's show. Maybe next time.

• Captain, 2010, wool, acrylic, oak
• Bellarmine IX, 2012, ceramic

Renee So, 18 Jan-25 Feb, 2012
Kate Macgarry, 27 Old Nichol Street
London E2 7HR

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