1960s travelogue book jacket
A glutton for punishment, I've been reading seasonally themed books of late. First up was Veleda Vida's Let the Northern Lights Remember Your Name (there must be some glyph I could insert here to imply indifference, a typographic shrug of the shoulders), followed by To Siberia by Per Petterson.

1960s Johan Berle port illustration

As I read both my mind wandered to a third chilly tome, 12 Days on the Norwegian Coastal Steamer, an old travelogue I picked up from Charing Cross Road. Reidar Johan Berle's illustrations are just-the-ticket!

1960s Johan Berle coastal illustration

12 Days on the Norwegian Coastal Steamer, Erling Welle-Strand, 1961


Peter and Sarah Slight said...

Looks super cool! Illustrations defo seem worth checking out.

Randi said...

my mom(age 90) a Norwegian,I just found out that her cousin is Reidar Berle(or is it 2nd Cousin)? she has had 2 large paintings, originals, in her living room for many years..and I had a hard time reading the signature on the paintings and came up with different names and then asked her(she is ill) and she said, yes, his name is Reidar Johan Berle...and after seeing your post, yes it is him...glad I found out for sure...pinerest and internet is wondertul.

Lisa Jones Studio said...

That you have solved a family mystery is great news, your mother's poor health not so great. Sounds like you should have this book! Maybe you could email me your address and I'll send it over (they'll be a link somewhere-or-other). On the whole, it's true, the internet (Pinterest and all) is a wonderful thing!