hand-woven wool rug with dark tortoiseshell cat
I hadn't realised The Comedy Theatre had changed its name, last time I was there was probably 10 years back, watching an old friend Jonathan McGuinness in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Brilliant.

Now it's called The Harold Pinter Theatre and, post production, they flog their props on eBay. This big rug was an even bigger bargain and recently appeared beneath Thandie Newton, you know.

Death & the Maiden received favourable reviews but no special mention for the carpet. Judging by the cat's expression, she's not too sure... suddenly everyone's a critic.



Have you got the link to the ebay store?

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Hey, not hiding my sources or nowt but I'll mail you separately. I want to discuss a case of mistaken identity at the Scolt Head... oh, and stateside Polari too!