Tea Pottery

My neighbour caught me on the way home from pottery the other night so I showed her my new teapot... she said it looked like a prop from The Flintstones! Admittedly it's a bit brutal and the glaze took on a touch more texture than I would've preferred but I'm still pleased. You can be sure I'll christen it this weekend with a brew.


Liza Sylvestre said...

I came across your blog via a google image search for Ruth Duckworth. Thank you for including that photo of her younger self on your blog. I saw her artwork at the Minneapolis Institue of Arts when I was in High School and left the show completely convinced that I should never marry anyone and that I should make art until I could no longer hold my arms up. I felt such a powerful connection to her and her work. And very nice blog you've got here, by the way.

nica said...

this is the most beautiful teapot I have ever seen! (I really like brutalist architecture)