bjørn wiinblad, plate, nymolle
Clearly, different lovers express themselves in very different ways. Lisa's folks yearly exchange the same (cellophane wrapped and unwritten) wedding anniversary cards. February 14 is not ringed red on their calendar. Conversely, my mum's had the same Valentine hanging framed since I can remember... a sentiment that's outlived the marriage by 30 years already.

This romantic plate was a great little find. Revisiting the shop a year later, and hopeful of another rewarding rummage, we found only empty walls of white peg-board (save for the inverse-shadows of long-gone goodies).

• 'Spring' by Bjørn Wiinblad for Nymolle, diameter 27cm, undated, Denmark


Stel.la said...

Lovely Valentine´s!

penny patten said...

Really like the plate, thanks for sharing! What a great find.