Maureen & Bernard

Maureen Roffey, Who Killed Cock Robin
There’s an abundance of wry innovation in modern illustration, but I'm sympathetic to the mania for classic kid's lit and the wistful retreat into yesteryear. For reassurance on layout work recently, I looked to one vintage book in particular; Maureen Roffey's Who Killed Cock Robin? is a paean to bold, cut-out simplicity, integral text and colourful spreads.

Maureen Roffey, Who Killed Cock Robin, bodley head

Though still wonderfully prolific, it's Roffey’s earlier output that feels so fine-tuned to the here-and-now. Sadly, this period gets short-shrift online: a flat-pack dolls' house from 1967; a pretty poster for London Underground in 1968 and some silk-screened toys in 1977s Things to Make and Do... in short, enough to keep me searching every-now-and-then.

Bernard Lodge, Girls Night Out, linocut

As if one talent in the family wasn't enough, this astonishing study is from Bernard Lodge, Roffey's husband; a pivotal figure in TV graphics, latterly turned wood-block/lino-cut printer. Lodge’s interests are broadly mythical, but it's when focus pulls to the contemporary or quotidian that the work, paradoxically, grows wings.

• Who Killed Cock Robin?, Maureen Roffey, 1971, Bodley Head
• Girls' Night Out, Bernard Lodge, three-block linocut, undated

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