De la War Pavillion, Bexhill-on-Sea

Turner prize winning artist, Mark Leckey, made my son cry. Not directly, of course, but with his rave-like anthropological room in The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things. Curated by Leckey, the exhibition outlines an idiosyncratic history of ideas through art, artefact and objects. The show's been on a while already and finishes its stint at Bexhill-on-Sea's De La War Pavilion this weekend. It's oddly apt to encounter universal and expansive themes on the quiet edge of a distinctly local-feeling town.

Ultra Violet Installation View 
The gallery assistants explain that children often love the darkened, disorientating space with its occasionally dissonant bursts of sound (elsewhere the exhibition emits ominous clicks, aggressively edited video loops and baritone hums), but I think he's right to feel disquiet; not every space can be made inclusive, interactive, a fun-filled, family-friendly dribble-fest. Sometimes our manufactured world is a fiercely adult realm, toxic and malignant, where the monsters have teeth.

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