Illustration of colorful garden tools

I could still see the 'All Books 20p' sign at the back of the RSPCA shop when the cashier charged me 80p for Growing Vegetable Soup last week. It was still a bargain.

Illustration of Courgette blossom

A quick image search filled the shameful gaps in my knowledge of illustrator, Lois Ehlert. I also saw her penchant for crazy knitwear… now I really am a fan.

Preparing vegetables for soup

The blossom on our courgette plant is spectacular, but the bounty is nothing compared to our generous neighbours', who've put regular veg on our plates for two weeks now.

Bring on the soup!

• Lois Ehlert, Growing Vegetable Soup, 1987


forty four said...

I bought this for Alfie, the colours are wonderful! It's a bit old for him at the moment but he loves Colour Zoo.

Lisa Jones Studio said...

I haven't let Orson free with any vintage editions yet, though he does have a few of the classics in bomb-proof board versions.

So glad to hear Alfie's a bookworm... hope mammahood's treating you good!