Mantle piece and wood burner

I know it's super British to have one eye on the barometer, but we're not entirely alone. Even the French writer/director Marguerite Duras synched the climate directly to the psyche.

Luckily, a fortnight back, the weather was glorious for a small garden party in celebration of the boy's first birthday.

Someday I'll post pics of Duras' beautiful château in Neauphle, here's a corner of our cluttered home instead. Now the boy's mobile, this place will need one radical rethink.

Municipal Trolly of Cermaics with Tressel Table of Reclaimed Oak


Adam W said...

Only in the world of LJS can this be described as cluttered. I'll show you cluttered.

Lisa Jones Studio said...

I suppose you're right… only we know the shame that lurks outside the frame! And yet the junk just keeps coming: visits to boot sales, the (stolidly named) Tuesday Market and — more recently — the local auction house, are pathological! I hope it’s a kind of naïve curiosity and not rude consumerism that drives us. Sometimes I imagine the boy sifting hopelessly through it once we’re gone, donating the lot to charity and starting the circle over again.

Look forward to seeing some of your 'clutter' in future Black Bough posts.