Risograph Galore

A3 Risograph 
I'd intended to get these guys all dressed up in new frames for their photo shoot, but they looked so cheerful emerging from the packaging in Wednesday morning's half-light, I just had to reach for the camera.

Much as we love to print by hand, labour can make the silk-screen process a bit expensive for childrens' walls. These A3 Risographs are far more reasonably priced... though I'm hoping adults will enjoy them too.

We first used the method for a V&A Museum commission some time back and they're strangely deceptive beasts; outwardly resembling a regular old Zerox copier, inside they marry disparate printing techniques to deliver something quite unique.

The paper needs to pass through the machine to receive each colour, which makes a mockery of precise registration, while the colours themselves are limited and can't be mixed (although, in truth, subtleties could be achieved through overlays or halftones). Despite these clunky limitations and inbuilt imperfections, they have a wonderful quality that's utterly matte and simultaneously somehow luminescent.

A3 Risograph You can snap 'em up here.

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Helen Hancocks said...

Oh these are amazing!