So pleased to receive a copy of One Timid Babbler from Silver Jungle's Joanna Skipwith this week. The same little format as our collaborations, One Timid Babbler features Hannah Turner's fantastic illustrations of equally fantastically named birds: Lemon Poplets; Sugar Marshlings; Chesnut Ruffles; Banded Frowls or Fiery Smidgeons. A simple counting game is introduced with each bird, building to more complex additions, with colour and pattern also combining to a cacophonous chorus! The dawn fade on the cover is paired with a dusk fade on the closing pages and all are wonderfully offset with a smashing Modern/Didone typeface. See more at Silver Jungle... and maybe check-out our books while you're there. Tee-hee!

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forty four said...

It's great isn't it! Just got some for the shop, and restocked yours of course :) Angela x