Happy Easter

Guldkroken white bust vase

Coming up short on seasonal post inspiration, I thought I'd snap some charity shop pots around a tenuous Easter theme. The eggs and birds are obvious but, just in case you're wondering, the fish is for Good Friday and that there's an Easter Bonnet... well, I did mention it was tenuous.

Characterful painted ceramic dish

• Studio pottery bird jug, 1953, mark unclear, found here
• Studio pottery bird vase, unmarked, found here
• Guldkroken white bust vase, found here
• Studio pottery egg vase, mark unclear, found here
• Amateur (but characterful) fish dish, unmarked, also found here


Jo said...

ooh, these are NICE! Reading your blog for the first time - it's great I love it. :)

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Thanks Jo, glad you like it... you're no blog-slouch yourself! Look forward to checking out the site.

Alyssa Stewartson said...

Can you tell me of an online shop where I can find the beautiful and quirky Guldkroken white bust vase? It's perfect but I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Hi Alyssa, Swedish eBay (Tradera.com) has 3 right now; a black, a green and a white... the white's the least expensive. Google translate and some polite please and thank-yous should get you international shipping, no-probs! Failing that, take a trip to Sweden, where people are nice AND interesting and the 2nd hand sales are just amazing!