Kiln Cat

slipcast cat figurine glazed in LR White

Although throwing pots was much more fun, I spent a fair amount of last year slip-casting too. Regrettably we had to stop wholesaling our owl figurine when demand outstripped production and enquiries for outsourcing came to nil (I'd love to transcribe the conversations, but let's just say the death of UK industry is sometimes no surprise).

slipcast cat figurine glazed in LR White

This weekend I'll be selling some of the quality seconds beneath the Westway at Great Western's Open Studio event. The remaining stock proper will be available at Elphick's or via us online soon. This cat was set to be our next figurine but we only got as far as the prototype. I'd really love a kiln... but where to put it?

 slipcast cat figurine glazed in LR White

Christmas Open Studios 2011, Great Western Studios
65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EU
Sat 3rd & Sun 4th December, 12 noon - 6pm both days
Café open both days, Admission free


Helen Hancocks said...

oh thats super - love the cat.

Lisa Jones Studio said...

HILARIOUSLY, a fellow exhibitor at a recent Christmas fair was kind enough to offer her help and ask her friend, a successful ceramist, for any leads in this direction. A few days later I got an apologetic email, turns out any queries would need to go via the newly established consultancy. So nice to know the spirit of The Apprentice has survived the economic downturn.