Pound, Shillings, Pence

Concrete Wall Sculpture

They're a highbrow bunch up in Shropshire. Our latest stockists, Black Bough, take their name from the Ezra Pound poem, In a Station of the Metro. Run by Adam Withington, the go-to guy during our stint at Great Western Studios, Black Bough takes its cue from the eerier elements of British Modernism. Can't wait for the shop to go online... just check out those bowls!

Concrete Wall Sculpture

Similarly, a current group show at Clerkenwell's Rob Tufnell Gallery focuses on the activities and ongoing influence of Vorticism, a term coined by Pound for the British movement quashed at the outbreak of WWI. Under the title of Ken Russell's 1972 biopic of group member, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Savage Messiah exhibits a range of art and artefact (from publishing, periodicals and posters to sculpture, relief and film) spanning the entire tumultuous century.

Concrete Wall Sculpture

• Karin Ruggaber, Relief(s) #67, #89, #94, 2008-2010

Savage Messiah
Rob Tufnell at
1 Sutton Lane EC1M 5PU
Wed-Sat, 12-6pm
23 April-23 May 2011

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