Most of Eva Hesse's objects concern materials and memory. I'm sure it's her tactile take on minimalism that makes her so popular with the ladies; The Camden Arts Centre was chock-a-block with chicks. Cynically I imagined her great aesthetic influence would have waned of recent years, but was surprised to see a few delicate additions to oeuvre.

Eva Hesse, Studio Work

One vitrine houses two minute and uncharacteristically colourful little boxes alongside useless mugs of coiled blue rope, while a table-top plinth offers a group of paper objects folded and deflated or almost-sculptures, barely suggesting plates, platters and bowls.

Eva Hesse, Studio Work

The plates and bowls in the downstairs café are all real. I have a pastry with a hot chocolate. I figure a few more bright days like this and the hot chocolate's days are done... until autumn that is.
Eva Hesse: Studioworks
11 Dec 09 - 07 Mar 10
Camden Arts Centre
Arkwright Road
London NW3 6DG

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