A random stream of numbers maybe, but they're poetry to me... I've never had an ISBN. We've been
designing and illustrating I Choose You! for far longer than its simplicity suggests.

Ever since the contractual copies arrived, I've been losing five minutes here-and-there, idly picking it up, intently flicking through or, occasionally, even smelling the thing. And, yup, it smells just as good as a good picture-book should.

Sixteen characterful creatures with Joanna Skipwith's rampageous rhymes on 40 FSC colour pages, 978-0955265235 is available for wholesale from the publisher, Silver Jungle, or retails via their online store.


read me... said...

I bought my copy last week at Elphick's... love it!

Kate said...

Congratulations lovely!
I expect you and Ed to hand deliver a copy pronto xxx