Cloud Project

I’m sure Show 2 at the RCA will be remembered by many as the place they’d been when this week’s shocking news broke. My graduating friend, Zoe Papadopoulou, hadn’t been in touch for a while and when I saw how busy she’d been pimping this ice cream van, I completely understood why.

Emulating cloud activity and nanotechnology, she sort of served up the essence of extracted flavours without the substance. The project was intended to highlight current nano-scale experimentation that aims to influence the biosphere as a whole, especially the release of CO2. All this and nice graphics too!

I’m guilty of not having seen the rest of the show, though my partner spent ages seeking out new design innovations… if some men love bicycles and radios so dearly, how come they crave seeing them constantly reinvented?

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AYAKO said...

Hey, Haru and I met her in the van when we visited the summer show! She made a cloud for us and gave Haru a small toy. I didn't know she was your friend... Such a small world.