Inked Edges

Perhaps I’m easily pleased, but it gave a little thrill to see coloured page edges emerging from an Amazon package last week. Imagining untold others had passed me by, I had a one-handed search of the shelves during breakfast. Sure enough, there were a handful of drab hues (burgundy, black and something akin to moth’s wing), but it was these vintage volumes that truly paid off.
photograph of colorful ink-edged pages of vintage book volumes

A pity there’s been no discernable revival of this detailing; either on editions from bibliophilic publishers like McSweeny’s, the former Black Sparrow Press, Persephone Books, retro-obsessive book-jacket designers like Chip Kidd… or just notebooks even!

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Delicious Industries said...

I also love coloured edges on books. It's really expensive to do these days though, which is probably why it's not a much used process.