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We Want Roosevelt keepsake
This Democrats' campaign handkerchief from the 1930s or 40s has hung on my wall—in one place or another—for as long as I can remember. I’d all but stopped noticing it until recently. 12 square inches like an LP cover, the palette of primary colours reminds me of airmail letters, time-bleached rosettes and tickertape parades.

Sufferage Flyer
Given the choice of political memorabilia, I’d pass even on Paris ’68 agitprop in favour of Womens‘ Suffrage. There’s something about those colours (purple, white and green) that seem utterly modern, eschewing the fusty heraldry of Trade Unionism like a gelato advert with an extra toppings of righteous indignation and bitter commitment.

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General Pattern said...

Nice poster.
There is a print shop down the Roman Road- W.F Arber & Co Ltd. I was in there trying to persuade Mr Arber to Letterpress me some business cards, which unfortunatly he could not do as he said he and his presses were too old and no longer worked properly.
Anyway he takes a while to warm up but once he dose he is a mine of infomation. He told me that all of the Suffragettes posters and leaflets were printed in his shop (before his time). Well worth a visit and a chat and if you are lucky he may take you out the back and show you the room covered in old childrens wallpaper from when they used to sell toys as well as being a printers! He has also done jobs for Eduard Paolozzi. Mr Arber is a very interesting man indeed.