olympic mascot 1992
Since its unveiling a few years back, designers have done such a good job of shoehorning 2012's awkward logo into layouts that I've actually grown to like it. I also like the idea behind the Olympic mascots, it's just that Wenlock & Mandeville have a shared look of shame in their one big eye; as though they know they're next month's charity shop stock.

Post Modern Children's Furniture

That brand of in-built obsolescence puts me in mind of a million other misfired advertising opportunities, designed by committee and deeply patronising, from graffiti logos to 'totally wicked' Weetabix characters. I'm old enough to remember too many Olympic mascots, some cute and others so-so, but my favourite's still 1992's Cobi, the cubist sheepdog from playful post-modern designer Javier Mariscal.

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