octagonal house plan

Though I love the name Ira, we'd pretty much settled on Eli for the kid... a pity then that Chris Evans nabbed it so publicly last week. He gets called Meatloaf or Frazzle-Face right now, but I think we're pitching for Orson; it sounds a bit like 'Our Son', teams well with Underwood, and —even better— means bear-like. Trouble is, everybody says 'Like Orson Welles?'... whose real name was George.

Title graphic for Orson Welles abandoned adaptation of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
There's a few other Orsons though; the feral original from a 14th century tale Valentine & Orson (pictured here in a 1566 street theatre study from Bruegel), or the intense looking phrenologist, Orson Squire Fowler, advocator of social reform and octagonal houses. With all this quick Wikipedia knowledge, I should apply for a job as a research assistant!

• model-maker's pic from the amazing smallhousepress


Anonymous said...

I loved the name Orson but was also worried about the 'Wells' question too - we settled on Ivan in the end... plus have noticed a lot more Orson's around, becoming surprisingly popular!

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Mmm, Ivan, that's nice too. I'm yet to meet another Orson... although I do usually try to avoid the public at large!

Anonymous said...

That bitter comment was a bit rude. They spelled Welles wrong and had a weird extra apostrophe. Your reply was too nice - unless that 'public' thing was a cuss. Orson is a better name than Ivan. End of. I mean, Ivan? Sheesh!

Lisa Jones Studio said...

Erm, thanks for you vitriol anonymous #2 (I think I know who you are), but it really doesn't matter. So far he's such a funny looking thing, I doubt anyone will care much what he's called.