Happy Hound

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Bit of symbiosis going on with these guys!


Little One

Just in case there's anyone who's not had enough eggs over Easter, here's our recent New Baby card!



This week we've finished another batch of last year's Christmas gift, the flat pack Robin, only this year it's available for retail and wholesale. Being laser cut and then dip-dyed by hand, they're a bit crafty, but all-in-all we're happy with their uniformity.

I love the sticker-sealed opaque paper on the aniseed flat breads you sometimes find in London delis, I've been waiting to appropriate their packaging for the longest time!


Disappointed by the failure of another Indian Summer? Luckily there's plenty of hot colour and blazing, vibrant pattern on show in the V&A Museum's India Festival this autumn.

Specially commissioned for the occasion, Lisa Jones Studio's new A3 fluorescent riso print will be available from the V&A shop in Kensington and online for the duration of the exhibitions.

Anybody searching for us at Olympia's Top Drawer trade fair this week will find it even more difficult than usual; we're not there! Hope everyone has an enjoyable and productive show, perhaps we'll see you all again next year.


I tried to write a bit of a toast to Les Ellis, our next door neighbour and dear friend who died quite suddenly last week, only it kept coming out all wrong.

After all, Les was loads of things: an energetic teacher; inveterate jazz head; accomplished print-maker (recent work pictured); one half of the perfect team; awesome parent / foster-parent / grandparent; tireless walker and — without doubt — the most outspoken lefty in the golf club.

Quite simply, it was a joy to be in his company and an honor to call him a friend. Loved far more than he would’ve thought necessary, we’ll miss his sparkling countenance and just knowing he’s around.

To Les!


Here's the dude that's burning black the last of our home's larch cladding. The final few bits are going up today (before 4pm when they all speed off to drink barrel loads of beer)... yay!